Denver Review - 2020 Kia Soul

Vehicle Overview

Surfing above all of the numerous different well-established segments that include most of the identifiable vehicles for sale today, the Soul is somewhere between a station wagon, a 5-door sedan, an SUV and even a 4x4, earning it the unusual name of a crossover. This phrase "crossover" is a generic term that essentially classifies every type of automobile that can't be organized in a different category. Today, the Korean manufacturer has understood that it is better to market this small car as a crossover or a mini SUV.

Denver CO - 2020 Kia Soul's OVERVIEW

Exterior - 2020 Kia Soul

Its compact dimensions allow it to satisfy urban use without any problem. The grille is equipped with fog lamps. Because of its friendly face, this car will likely achieve the expected success in the market. Small outside but large inside, the Kia Soul is more imposing than it seems at first sight. At first glance, it looks like a significant restyling. On the other hand, its very personal style with small windows, a high belt, and a particularly aggressive look has aroused real enthusiasm across the planet. For the automotive users who want to examine a 2020 Kia Soul today, they'll generally choose to implement a Denver review on this upcoming vehicle personally. Arapahoe Kia is the Colorado Kia dealership that I'd endorse employing for numerous diverse reasons. They're an efficient Kia automobile supplier.

Denver CO - 2020 Kia Soul's Exterior

Interior - 2020 Kia Soul near Denver

In addition to the onboard computer, the Soul is equipped with cruise control and automatic headlight switching. The onboard computer, alloy wheels, and body-colored mirrors are now standard equipment. Its style is not changing much, but the small Korean crossover is entirely new. The design of the overall dashboard has become conventional, but there are still some impressively stylish effects such as the advanced tweeters which have been integrated into the aerators or the premium door speakers that can light up in rhythm to the music that the driver is presently listening to.

Denver CO - 2020 Kia Soul's Interior

Clear and also very well built, the interior of the beautiful Soul differs from that of its less impressive rivals with regards to the Soul's advanced instrumentation. On the more expensive trim levels, the high-quality fabric upholstery adds an extra touch of personalization. The habitability is improving slightly. It begins with a cockpit dotted with decorative inserts, enriched with a mixed leather/fabric upholstery, and a small flat steering wheel. Inside, the evolutions appear more discreet.

Denver CO - 2020 Kia Soul's Mechanical
Mechanical - Kia Soul specs near Denver CO

The useful grip character of the Soul's tires on wet surfaces is also helpful on the road, where any desire for dynamic driving results in a comfortably responsive level of handling and the communicative steering allows the drivers to anticipate any issues easily. A Kia Soul does not need to reveal any sporting ambition, but the administration is still really impressive. For comfort, the new Soul corrects one of its previous central defects with the upgraded soundproofing. The headlights are more technological than the lighting found on many of its rival cars, and the ensemble gains in potency to give the Kia Soul its SUV stripes. For the car users who desire to scrutinize a 2020 Kia Soul right now, they'll usually prefer to execute a Denver review on this forthcoming automobile individually. Arapahoe Kia is the Colorado Kia dealership that I'd suggest utilizing for many distinctive reasons. They're surely an efficient Kia car provider. Also, they have elected to concentrate their endeavors on serving Denver, Centennial, Littleton.

Powertrain - Kia Soul specs near Denver

At the top of its segment, the Soul boasts a highly responsive powerplant. On the other hand, the new automatic gearbox is terrific. This brilliant engine is also quiet and fuel-efficient. You'll probably opt for the gas version, which will undoubtedly be the most popular in our nation. It is precisely in an urban environment that this Soul reveals all its best qualities. Faced with the competition, the Soul dominates the debate with much more dynamic engines. In general, the fuel efficiency of the motors remains significantly higher than the levels recorded with its competitors' vehicles. Fortunately, this can also be seen concerning CO2 emissions, with values a little ahead of many of its rivals. On the technical side, Kia simplifies things with a few engines and a few gearboxes.

Safety Features - 2020 KIA Soul dealer

Not to mention, of course, the great 7-year warranty that Kia still offers. The dominant driving position gives a reassuring point of view: the windscreen is thrown forward, it has a long hood, and the visibility is also well designed. The main new feature in the cabin is the center console. The safety concepts used by this car are advanced. The new Soul offers a set of cruise control systems, an automatic light activation system, a hill-start assistance system, and a useful multimedia interface. For its part, the Soul could even be considered to be a pioneer in its segment.


For the vehicle owners who would like to analyze a 2020 Kia Soul at the earliest occasion, they'll more than likely need to perform a Denver review on this upcoming vehicle independently. Arapahoe Kia is the Colorado Kia dealership that I'd advise using for several particular reasons. They're a competent Kia automobile supplier. Aside from that, they also have chosen to focus their aims on serving Denver, Centennial, Littleton.

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