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Kia's only fully electric car is the Soul EV, which now has a more extended range. The Kia Soul EV is the zero-emission version of the small Korean crossover. This electronic urban crossover is one of a first on our market and an auspicious beginning for the Korean manufacturer. Like the BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf, the Soul EV uses a heat pump heating system that is more efficient than a resistance system.

Centennial CO - 2020 Kia Soul EV's OVERVIEW

Exterior - 2020 Kia Soul EV

The electric version does not add too much to the outside of the SUV, and Kia has been satisfied with specific rims, a two-tone tint, an obstructed grille, a revised rear bumper, and LED lights. If the opportunity arises, the Soul EV can also be connected to fast DC charging terminals thanks to its Chademo plug. Square, the Kia Soul, is more muscular than a van. For the car lovers who would instead wish to evaluate a 2020 Kia Soul EV down the line, they'll most likely incorporate an inspection of the future model of the Kia Soul EV - independently. Arapahoe Kia is in Centennial Colorado, and it is a showroom that I'd promote selecting for many distinctive reasons. They're an experienced Kia vehicle merchant. Along with that, they have chosen to pay attention to serving Centennial, Denver, Littleton.

Centennial CO - 2020 Kia Soul EV's Exterior

Interior - 2020 Kia Soul EV in Centennial

The rear cabin, already correct on the old version, offers more legroom. We invite you to drive to discover more. In this regard, it should be remembered that the Kia Soul EV has two different sockets on board: a CHAdeMO fast DC charging socket and an SAE J1772 type 1 alternating current device. It is possible for drivers to choose the EV because Kia now offers an electric version of her little Crossover Soul. With this new version, the Soul receives a second chance. And the start menu includes handy widgets and icons for quick access to the various topics. The incorporation of a large floor battery has therefore imposed some constraints on rear cabin space, such as a reduced level of legroom and headroom, and trunk space, which has also been cut.

Centennial CO - 2020 Kia Soul EV's Interior

An original course of action is essential for a motorist to get the possibility to contemplate this Soul and moreover to engage in operating this sophisticated machine. For the Kia aficionados who could instead choose to assess a 2020 Kia Soul EV later on, they'll probably include an examination of the future model of the Kia Soul EV - autonomously. Arapahoe Kia is in Centennial Colorado which makes it an display room that I'd endorse choosing for a lot of excellent reasons. They're a skilled Kia car vendor. In conjunction with that, they have elected to concentrate on serving Centennial, Denver, Littleton.

Centennial CO - 2020 Kia Soul EV's Mechanical
Mechanical - Kia Soul EV specs in Centennial CO

An innovative plan is crucial for a driver to obtain the potential to consider this Soul and to participate in driving this complex product. A smart strategy is vital for a traveler to achieve the chance to look at this Soul and to take part in driving this advanced product. According to the Koreans, it is now theoretically possible to travel further with a full charge of electricity, compared to the more limited driving range that was previously possible. Also, this battery uses a new generation of lithium-ion polymer cells that are lighter, more reliable and easier to manufacture, and therefore, in the end, less expensive.

Powertrain - Kia Soul EV specs in Centennial

As a result, the range announced in the cycle of the electric motor has increased. From a perfect silence on board, pedestrians will be warned of its passage by a vaguely futuristic sound effect outside. This assumed eccentricity has been successful with motorists, who have given the Soul EV a great reception. The engine is much less present and running noise is better controlled - fortunately, the mechanics follow the same path. However, as with the first batch of battery-powered cars on the market (designed only for electric vehicles, unlike the Soul), the gap created by new battery developments has made Korean manufacturers more concerned about their EV autonomy. As far as taxes are concerned, it is getting more comfortable, especially in regions that provide a benefit for electric cars.

Safety Features - 2020 KIA Soul EV dealer

You should check out the safety features offered by the restyled Kia Soul EV test if you're in the market for an electric automobile. The Kia Soul EV was highlighted at all the shows which are dedicated to electrified vehicles, and Kia has supported electric cars for many years. You should make sure that you take advantage of a chance to take the wheel of the Soul EV, one of the pioneers in the electric market. This Kia was also refreshed last year to increase the range of this electric vehicle even further than it was before.


For the vehicle aficionados who prefer to take a look at a 2020 Kia Soul EV down the road, they'll almost certainly put into practice an examination of the future model of the Kia Soul EV - individually. Arapahoe Kia is in Centennial Colorado, and this is an outlet that I'd encourage choosing for several particular reasons. They're a skillful Kia automobile retailer. Apart from that fact, you should additionally consider the reality that they have decided to focus on serving Centennial, Denver, Littleton.

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