2018 KIA Sorento near Denver Colorado

2018 KIA Sorento near Denver Colorado

2018 KIA Sorento near Denver Colorado

The popular midsize crossover SUV was debuted in the year 2002. This amazing brand is currently in its third generation which was launched in 2016. Now the engineers serving Centennial Littleton Denver Colorado expected to hit the market with the great 2018 KIA Sorentomodel which will be the fourth generation. Nevertheless, the new Arapahoe KIA may not have many different features from the previous models but rather some subtle improvements. The new model is available in five different trims-L, LX, SX, EX, and the SX limited which come in three different engine options. The beasts also come in various versions of front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Some of the incredible features of the KIA Sorento near Denver models are discussed below.

The Interior and Exterior Styling

With the new 2018 KIA Sorento models and 2018 KIA Sorento near Denver, it cues up every correct crossover-SUV surfaces and lines without going rogue in any way. The new Arapahoe KIA is such attractive that it can now earn 7 out of 10 rating when it comes to styling. The great elegant look of the model made its debut with the previous 2016 model.

The exterior

The 2018 KIA Sorento models feature an incredible SUV mainstreaming that comes with some semi-prominent grille, mature levels of the chrome detailing, along with a softer scaling compared to the previous models. The LED lighting features accent on the corners of this beast.

2018 KIA Sorento near Denver Colorado

The interior

The sorento cockpit comes with a polish as well as organization that its predecessors. The cabin is now awash with incredible soft-touch trim, top model seats, which are made of leather materials. The controls are cordoned off and grouped into logical zones. The dash as well wraps around it all designs in a cohesive way. The dash looks a bit different and lower than the previous Arapahoe KIA while the critical control systems are placed a bit high.

The New Engine Options Along With Its Performance

The crossover class delivers an impressive versatility as well as outstanding performance. The new model is an indication that engineers are now aiming to build its unique place in such a competitive class for your Denver area dealer.

The Base Engine Options

The Lx and L trims feature a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine which makes 185hp along 178 lb-ft of torque. The 2018 models which have this engine will manage the desired fuel economy.

The standard equipment found in the great mid-range EX-features the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The performance rate on the engine checks in at 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. The fuel consumption slightly drops in this new crossover SUV.

The 2018 LX and EX sorento models also give an option of the 3.3 liter V-6. The engine maximizes the entire performance of the new paradigm that is offered at 290 horsepower and 252-pound-feet of torque. The fuel economy number on this v-6 engine is incredible. Nevertheless, it would be great to note that all the 2018 models feature a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The New Year model can tow 5000 pounds with the v6 and AWD. The FWD V6 on the other side can tow 35,000 pounds. For the off-road, the new KIA models feature a hill-start assist. However, the AWD comes with a differential lock mode that is useful for splitting the engine power evenly between the rear and front wheels. For the other road conditions, the model has comfort, sport and eco-driving modes that can adjust the power steering as well as shift timing of the beast's transmission.

The Incredible Safety Features of the new KIA Models

The new car model comes to your Denver area dealer with some amazing safety features which are upgraded to match the performance of the car and go beyond the clients' expectations. The following are some of the safety elements that have been featured in this new beast in industry.

  • 360 degrees camera monitoring systems
  • The camera system will feature four cameras which are located in the front, sides, and at the rear side to give the driver seamless visibility. This helps in parking your car safely as well as in tight squeezes.

  • Impact safety feature
  • The car also has six standard airbags as well as chassis which are made of advanced high-strength steel. The model is also engineered to be able to direct any crash energy away from the entire cabin. That reduces the impact of the vehicle and thus assures the driver and passengers of some level of safety in case of any crash.

  • Vehicle stability
  • The engineers serving Centennial Littleton Denver Colorado have never disappointed with their special stability features. Now the new model comes with some advanced electronic stability control systems, hill assists control, downhill control systems, and vehicle stability management systems along with an autonomous emergency braking system that will be used to intervene automatically. That is to keep you safe behind the wheel.

  • The blind spot detection system
  • The system actively monitors the relevant blind spots for any approaching vehicle and gives some visual alerts on the outside mirrors and the instrument cluster. The 2018 KIA Sorento near Denver also comes with some blind spot audio signals.

    The new models are readily available in our dealerships serving Centennial Littleton Denver Colorado or even your Denver area dealer. Thus, any interested parties can now call and schedule an appointment with us at any time to test drive this great 2018 KIA Sorento near Denver and also view our vast inventory.

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