2016 KIA Soul EV near Denver CO

2016 KIA Soul EV

2016 KIA Soul EV near Denver CO

The 2016 KIA Soul EV is a vehicle that can truly sing music to a consumer's soul. It's vibrant, feature packed and equipped with the internals that can go the distance. The 2016 KIA Soul EV falls into the category of electric cars. It could classify as an SUV since it's structured like one. Therefore, it primarily suits people who like travel frequently. A modern shopper has many reasons to request a 2016 Soul EV quote from Arapahoe KIA. The vehicle can fit consumers of all age classes and economic classes.


Interior - Inside of the 2016 KIA Soul EV Serving Denver CO

KIA Soul EV Interior Consumers appreciate a vehicle that provides them with a cozy feeling along with accommodations for their passengers and their possessions. The Kia Soul fulfills all those requirements. Even the base model has a smorgasbord of WOW items that a new Soul owner will love. The base model comes with a comfortable woven and Trincot cloth seat. The two colors that the consumer can choose are Gray Houndstooth or Black Diamond. Other features that one will find on the inside of the 2016 KIA Soul EV serving Denver CO are features such as a six-way adjustable seat, adjustable headrests, seat belt anchors and more.


Exterior - The Smashing Exterior of the 2016 KIA Soul EV

KIA Soul EV Exterior

The exterior of the 2016 KIA Soul EV serving Denver CO is smashing. Consumers can choose from bold colors such as Bright Silver, Fathom Blue, Cloud White, Solar Yellow, Latte Brown and more. The base vehicle comes with 16" alloy wheels, privacy glass and heated rear glass. The fuel-filler door locks so that the consumer has an appropriate amount of privacy where it counts. The lock prevents the wrong people from gaining access to the gas tank. Furthermore, the car comes with a rear windshield wiper and washer. The young consumers enjoy the color options on the Soul.

Powertrain - Features
KIA Soul EV Powertrain

The powertrain is reason enough to visit a Greenwood Village KIA dealer serving Denver Littleton Aurora Colorado and ask for a Soul immediately. The Kia Soul has a 16-valve, four-cylinder engine that can work wonders for economics and performance. The engine can reach a power capacity of 130 horsepower, which is excellent for a modern vehicle. The fuel efficiency of the model is approximately 24 city miles and 30 highway miles for the automatic transmission and the manual transmission. The Kia Soul EV has a 14.2-gallon tank, so drivers can go far if they need to.

Mechanical - Aspects of the 2016 KIA Soul EV Serving Denver CO
KIA Soul EV Mechanical

The mechanical aspects are amazing for the Soul. A new vehicle owner can enjoy features such as front wheel drive and an electrical power steering system. The unit also has a four-wheel disc system with anti-lock braking intact. All versions of the Soul have a steel unibody body type.

Safety - Features
KIA Soul EV Safety

Safety features are important when a consumer is trying to choose which vehicle is best for him or her to have. The Kia Soul EV has a slew of safety features that manufacturers designed to keep the drivers and passengers safe. The first safety feature to discuss is the rear child-safety door locks. The child safety door locks prevent children from slipping out of the vehicle because they start playing with the doors. Children cannot open the doors while the vehicle is moving, and parents decide when to disengage the mechanical device. Side-impact door beams and crumple zones are features that protect a vehicle when it has a collision. They both absorb the impact that a collision causes. The vehicle is not lacking in the airbag area. It has two front, side and rear airbags to protect vehicle passengers in the case of an accident. Electronic Stability Control and Vehicle Stability Management are two systems that focus on keeping the directional aspects of the drive consistent. The VSM system intervenes when a driver loses control of a vehicle. Hill-Start Assist is a nifty feature that gets the vehicle going even when the driver is on the top of a hill. Finally, the Tire-Pressure Monitoring System ensures that the driver is never caught on the road without appropriate air capacity. Request a 2016 Soul EV quote from Arapahoe KIA Today.Consumers can stop by a Greenwood Village KIA dealer serving Denver Littleton Aurora Colorado and begin the process of applying for one of the new 2016 vehicles. They can request a 2016 Soul EV quote from Arapahoe KIA. Finance specialists can review an application and see if a new applicant is eligible for a finance arrangement. The person can start the application online. He or she will need to provide information such the annual income, address, employment information and the like. The base model of the Soul EV starts at a little over $15,000 and it can go up to almost $21,000 depending on what the consumer would like. The first order of business is for the consumer to schedule a test drive. The test drive will provide that person with an actual driving experience so that he or she can get a true feel for owning the vehicle. After the test drive, a salesperson can help an interested consumer to work out the pricing specifics. Specialists will find a way to allow a consumer to drive home with the vehicle that he or she desires. A Greenwood Village KIA dealer serving Denver Littleton Aurora Colorado is available for a consultation today.

*The above information is regarding the base model
2016 KIA Soul EV.   Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Arapahoe Kia with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.