2015 KIA Sedona Quotes to Littleton Colorado

2015 Kia Sedona

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2015 KIA Sedona  Quotes to Littleton CO Area Van shoppers.

2015 KIA Sedona Information for a Quote
The new 2015 KIA Sedona is designed like no other minivan on the road  today. In addition to having a spacious interior, the minivan has a  sleek and sturdy exterior that offers many built-in comfort and  safety features. This minivan is the perfect option for both local  and long distance trips around Littleton Colorado. Drivers can  choose from the L, LX, EX, SX and Limited Edition. All of the models  seat seven passengers, but the the LX, EX and SX can seat up to  eight passengers comfortably. Some of the trims offer optional  comfort features like lounge-style reclining. No matter what trim  you choose, the Sedona KIA is perfect for everyone.


  2015 KIA Sedona l Littleton Area Van Dealer

KIA Sedona  Interior The 2015 KIA Sedona VAN features an airy and comfortable spacious interior and two sunroofs that can be opened by either the driver or passengers seated in the rear of the vehicle. In addition, the Limited Edition Sedona offers lounge-style seating for passengers who prefer to recline and relax on long road trips. The Sedona 2015 also comes equipped with three different heating and cooling zones that allow the driver and passengers to adjust and control the temperature of the interior cabin where they are seated. Greater flexibility over the temperature in the cabin of this minivan is what separates the Sedona from the rest of the minivans on the road. In addition to all the other features, the Sedona minivan also comes equipped with retractable shades that can be used to filter out sunlight as well. For added comfort during local Littleton area and long distance Colorado road trips, drivers and passengers riding in the 2015 KIA Sedona near Litlteton van will enjoy heated seating that can be adjusted to three separate levels. Upfront in this minivan, both the driver, front seat passenger and second row of passengers can stay warm and comfy with heated seating. In addition to heated seating, the front seats of this minivan can also be ventilated and cooled down during the spring and summer. In addition to all of the other features, the Sedona 2015 is the perfect choice for tech-savvy drivers and passengers who like having several power outlets on hand to charge their smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices whenever they are on the road.


2015 KIA Sedona Exterior l Littleton Area Sales

KIA Sedona Exterior

This minivan  is available in five separate  trim packages. Drivers can  choose the L, LX, EX, SX, or the  Limited Edition. The vehicle is  extremely sturdy and has been  engineered and manufactured with  reinforced steel, rear struts, a  new and improved chassis and  amplitude selected dampers. The  vehicle is available in  different colors. In addition to  the Sedona being sturdy, the  2015 Sedona also features a  hands-free automatic Smart tail  gate opener, which makes loading  extra easy. The Smart tailgate  automatically opens once the  driver's smart key is detected.  With this standard option,  drivers and passengers will  never need to put things down to  begin loading their vehicle.

KIA Sedona Powertrain - Request a Quote
KIA Sedona  Powertrain

The minivan  is equipped with a dynamic 276  horsepower engine that is very  strong, but operates extremely  quietly and smoothly. The  powertrain is one of the many  reasons why so many drivers in  Colorado are choosing the 2015  KIA Sedona in the Littleton Colorado area.

KIA Sedona Mechanical
 KIA Sedona Mechanical

Each minivan  boasts a six speed automatic  transmission and a powerful yet  extremely quiet engine. The  Sedona is equipped with front  wheel drive and a standard  anti-lock braking system. In  addition, many of the new  Sedonas are equipped with  notable mechanical features like  a Surround View Monitor, voice  driving command features and  built-in blind spot detection  that monitors and alerts drivers  to rear traffic conditions.

2015 KIA Sedona Safety - Contact Arapahoe KIA
KIA Sedona  Safety

The Sedona  2015 is very sturdy and built  with durable steel and comes  equipped with many unique  built-in safety features that  help drivers maintain control of  their vehicle at all times. In  addition to a feature called the  Cornering Brake Control, the  Sedona 2015 is also equipped  with Electronic Stability  Control(ESC), Hill-Assist and  Traction Control. What drivers  like about having these systems  in place is that they are always  running in the background and  there to help drivers maneuver  and take control of their  vehicle when they encounter  unstable road conditions, need  to drive on an incline or when  their wheels are spinning. In  addition to all of the other  features, this vehicle is one of  the most highly rated minivans  on the road because drivers can  also purchase this minivans with  four separate mounted exterior  cameras. The four cameras offer  the driver a 360-degree exterior  view from the built-in dash  screen. With the help of these  four mounted cameras, drivers  will be able to monitor their  blind spots and all the other  vehicles on the road at the same  time. If you are searching for a  new minivan, then you should  definitely take the time to  contact the 2015 KIA Sedona  serving Littleton CO, Arapahoe  KIA, a KIA Dealer serving  Littleton to Colorado Springs.  As you will soon discover, the  new KIA Sedona is designed to  surpass your expectations on  every level. With all the custom  trims and built-in safety  features, the new KIA Sedona is  the perfect choice for everyone.  Whether you use your 2015 Sedona  for local trips or long distance  getaways in and out of the  Littleton Colorado area, you  will enjoy all of the many  features this minivan offers.  Take the time to explore all of  your options by contacting  Arapahoe KIA dealer, serving the  Littleton area. Contact the  Arapahoe KIA dealership online,  a KIA dealer serving Littleton  and Colorado Springs or call for  the 2015 KIA Sedona for quotes  to Littleton CO, you will be  glad you took the time to learn  more about the 2015 Sedona. The  new KIA Sedona is the talk of  the town and it is the perfect  minivan for absolutely everyone.  Take a few minutes out of your  day to request a quote for the  2015 KIA Sedona from the  Littleton area. Arapahoe KIA  offers excellent online KIA  dealer specials to Littleton and  Colorado Springs van shoppers.

*The above information is regarding the base model 2015 Kia Sedona. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Arapahoe Kia with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.