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Overview of the 2015 Kia Forte5 available serving Denver, Colorado, from Arapahoe KIA.
The Kia Forte5 is an innovative take on the latest versions of hatches and five-door vehicles. It is perfect in the city and provides a wide range of the best features and comforts for passengers and drivers alike.

Interior  2015 Kia Forte5 l Denver Littleton Area Sales in Greenwood Village
The latest Kia Forte5 is an advanced vehicle in many respects and the makers at Kia intended to provide drivers with everything they may need to get through the seasons in a comfortable fashion. This is not limited to the driver and the passengers are also provided with a high level of comfort and support, as well. Each new model comes with a variety of the latest options for sound and audio entertainment, but with this new model, there are some selections that can be added to the high standards. Those include the Navigation System with HD Radio Technology along with UVO eServices Infotainment System which is optional in the EX and that comes standard in the SX. Near Dever, CO.
Exterior  2015 KIA Forte5 Information, Specials and Lease Offers l Arapahoe Dealer
The all new Kia Forte5 is one of the latest styles of hatchbacks and its designs and features are ideal for the driver who needs the perfect city and country vehicle. The Forte5 is considered a five door vehicle and the fifth door is the rear hatch. This hatch allows for more storage area and clearance than the typical sedan or compact and with this type of body design, the Forte5 will fit nicely in and out of traffic, no matter where the vehicle may be. Serving Littleton, CO.
Mechanical  Request a Quote on the  2015 Kia Forte5 l Denver Area
The Kia Forte5 places a lot of emphasis on combining a good level of performing mechanical capability with a high level of efficiency. This is due to the highly technological parts and components that are built right into the Forte5. The Forte5 comes in two main styles and each one is an inline four-cylinder engine with the Dual Overhead Cam and a 16 valve layout. Thanks to the Gasoline Direct Injection system, these models are some of the most efficient in its class with an average of 33 mile per gallon highway rating on the primary trim model. Its efficiency also gains from the fact that it comes standard with a automatic 6-speed transmission that presses through the streets with a low consumption rate.  Greenwood Village KIA dealership.
Powertrain  Denver Area KIA Dealership serving Littleton, CO from Greenwood Village
Each of the latest models of the new Kia Forte5 are made to be strong and they offer the user a level of power that is not often seen in introductory vehicle trim models. There are two main trim models available in the new Kia Forte5 and those are the EX and the SX. The EX is a 2.0 liter, four-cylinder engine that benefits from a variety of new technologies that make it speedy and efficient on the road. Variable Valve Timing is one of those performance features and its Dual Continuous capability makes this motor effective in exchanging gasses and exhaust. This EX model has a level of 173 horsepower output while the next model offers a whopping 201 HP. This significant increase is due to the addition of a turbocharger in the SX engine's design. Serving Denver to Littleton, CO.
One of the things that Kia is sure to keep high standards on is the level of safety that is offered in all of the trim models of the latest Kia Forte5. This new and innovative vehicle is equipped with several airbags throughout the cabin which protect the passengers and the driver to a high degree. Each model also includes Hill Start Assist which prevents the vehicle from rolling backward while the Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control Systems keep the new Forte5 on the road with some of the latest and greatest of stability safety technology. Along with the many other precautionary features that are installed as standards, the Kia Forte5 is a comfortable vehicle for the whole family to ride in. 
*The above information is regarding the base model 2015 Kia Forte5. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Arapahoe KIA with any questions regarding the new or used Kia Forte5 you're inquiring about.