Why Buy 2018 KIA Stinger near Littleton Colorado

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If you're a sports car enthusiast, you will adore the KIA Stinger. The manufacturer cooked up this model because it wanted to offer its customers something that could compete with the all the sports cars on the market today. It absolutely does keep up with those models. In fact, you might actually enjoy the model more than some of the the other vehicles that are out there. The following are some details about it that you can mull over and then decide if you want to see some more of it at Arapahoe KIA near Littleton Colorado. It's waiting for you there.

Why Buy 2018 KIA Stinger near Littleton Colorado

Why Buy This Car? Exterior Features

The car looks like it just came off of the showroom floor. Why buy a 2018 KIA Stinger? Because it rocks. All parts of the exterior are reminiscent of something like a muscle car. Key exterior features include functional side vents, outside mirror, solar control glass, projector beam headlights and more. You'll have to visit Arapahoe KIA serving Littleton Colorado to get the full list of features. The color choice that you have for this model include colors such as Silky Silver, Aurora Black Pearl, HiChroma Red, Micro Blue Pearl and more. Choose the one that makes you happy because this model can look good in any shell. Someone at the dealership serving Littleton Colorado can help you choose.

Why Buy 2018 KIA Stinger near Littleton Colorado

Interior - Why Buy Sorento - Request information interior

Four of the seven trims for 2018-the LX V6, EX V6, SX, and SX Limited-are designed as seven-seaters, with three rows that include two captain's seats in the middle. The L and EX 2.0T have two rows to accommodate up to five people. Only the LX offers you the choice between two rows and three rows. The five-seaters have 146.4 cubic feet of passenger volume while the seven-seaters have 154.2 cubic feet. Depending on the model you go with, cargo space can be maximized to 73.5 cubic feet with all the rows behind the front seats folded down.

Why Buy 2018 KIA Stinger near Littleton Colorado

Why Buy This Car? The Comfy Interior

It's interesting that this particular model is recognized as a luxury small car instead of a sports car on sites like U.S. News. Part of the reason for that and it's second-place title is that it fits five people inside of it. Aside from that, it has a large cargo area and accommodating features like the leather seat trim, 12-way adjustable seating, heated front seats, carpeted floor mats and more. Even though you're zipping down the road, you'll still feel like a million dollars because of the luxury elements that it has. The dealer serving Littleton Colorado will let you get a good look at it.

Why Buy 2018 KIA Stinger near Littleton Colorado

Mechanical Features

If you're wondering what this car has under its hoods, you can rest assured that it is very generous. The manufacturer gave it enough kick to ruffle the feathers of the competition. The model comes with your choice of a 2.0-Liter, four-cylinder option or a 3.3-Liter V6 motor. The motors have Gasoline Direct Injection and Continuously Variable Valve Timing.Both of those motors will give you plenty of kick the four-cylinder will provide you with 255 horsepower, and the other motor will give you 365. Both of those are amazing displays of power that you will be more than satisfied driving.
As far as the technology goes, this model comes with a lot of it. In fact, you and your passengers may get so caught up in all the tech that you won't have time to play with it all. Technology includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB, Premium Surround Sound, Voice Command Navigation and more. Visit the dealer serving Centennial Denver Littleton and get first-hand knowledge of all the tech.

2018 Safety Features

Safety is important to KIA, and that's why it tries to implement strong and safer features with each passing year. You can feel confident that this model will try to keep you safe. Its first mission is to try to prevent accidents from occurring, but if they do, then the next mission is to protect you and make sure that it absorbs as much of the impact as possible. Features that you will have in this model include Parking Distance Warning, Rear Camera Display. Forward Collision Assistance, Rear Cross Traffic Collision Warning and more. All of these features act as an extra set of eyes and ears for you that will give you a warning if anything is going wrong. You can drive with a high level of faith knowing that all of these protective devices are in place. The dealership near Littleton Colorado can help you confirm that faith when they show you the car.

Request Some 2018 KIA Stinger Deals and Specials

Arapahoe KIA frequently offers some deals to the residents near Littleton Colorado so that they can get their hands on the keys to the cars of their dreams in 2018. You can contact the facility today and as if there are any specials available for you so that you can save on this model. Request a quote for new car specials, and perhaps you can grab a 2018 Stinger for your pleasure. You can also look into some other specials like manufacturer discounts, dealership promos and more. It's time for you to get proactive and visit the dealership serving Centennial Denver Littleton to get a good look at this car.

Test-Drive the 2018 KIA Stinger Today

The KIA dealer serving Centennial Denver Littleton is waiting for you to come in and test-drive the Stinger so that you can see for yourself how glorious it is. Try not to knock your socks off when you drive it, though, because it has quite a bit of power. The salesperson will ride in the passenger's seat while you rip down the road and test its abilities. If you decide that it's something you want to own, you can just ask the finance department to get you set up. Call and schedule your appointment today.