2018 KIA Soul near Denver Colorado

2018 KIA Soul Near Denver Colorado

The 2018 KIA Soul near Denver has the perfect name because it seems as if it has one. It has all the elements that make a person's insides happy. A broad range of people is into this vehicle. A variety of personalities find it to be a vehicle that they desire because of its versatility. The 2018 KIA Soul near Denver is an attractive and unique option in the Denver area. Even more than that, though, it's affordable. Let's explore some aspects of it, and then you can decide when you will visit Arapahoe KIA to look at it in the Denver area. College kids and single people can visit the nearest dealership serving Denver Littleton Centennial Colorado, and they could own one of these in a short amount of time.

2018 KIA Near Denver: Interior

The interior is the soul of the vehicle, and as such, it has to provide comfort for the driver and passengers. This model definitely has a high level of comfort and convenience going on in the cabin area. First, the seats have the ability to get hot during the winter and cool during the summertime if necessary. Other wonderful features that you will experience in this interior are features such as mood-changing lighting, push-button start and plush seating. The KIA dealer serving Denver Littleton Centennial Colorado will let you visit and get behind the wheel for a little while. You can decide whether it's for you when you take that genuine ride with a salesperson serving Denver Littleton Centennial Colorado.

2018 KIA Soul Near Denver: Exterior

The exterior on this model is different than many others. It has sort of a box shape but isn't' quite as boxy as some of the models from competitors. It has just enough curvatures to make it completely unique. The manufacturer used LED headlights and HID headlights for greater visibility. The color options that are available to people who want to buy this model are colors such as Shadow Black, Inferno Red, Clear White, Titanium Gray and more. Take your pick and choose the color that matches your personality or your preferences. The Denver area dealer will have one for you when you arise.

2018 KIA Soul near Denver Colorado

New Model: Mechanical Features

The core of this vehicle outside of the interior comfort is all the tech that is available. you will have access to a smorgasbord of resources that will make your trip fun and knowledgeable. Some of the main features that you will find in the core of this vehicle are features like 24-hour roadside assistance connection, AppleCarPlay, Android Auto and a slew of others. On top of those, you will also have a mobile gadget lab which puts you in direct connection with your trip meter and rear camera display. The rear camera display is a protective item that will help you to gain control of your ride.

New 2018 Option: Powertrain

If you were wondering how strong the powertrain was in this vehicle, the answer is very much so. KIA decided to put a little people in this unit's step and give it a strong motor that could get up to 201 horsepower. This model also comes with a seven-speed transmission, which is something that you don't find all the time in any vehicle, especially an SUV. This model is not only sporty but it's also efficient. You'd be doing yourself an injustice if you didn't schedule an appointment for a test-drive in it.

New 2018 Car: Powertrain Safety Features

Safety is a priority, and you'll be delighted to know that the manufacturer made some amazing efforts toward safety. Some of the most prevalent safety features that you will find on this vehicle are features like the Traction Control System, Hill Start Assist, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Antilock Braking System. The ABS system is excellent for keeping your vehicle from losing control when you have to make a split-second decision. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System keeps an eye on your tires and lets you know if there seems to be a leak that needs to be addressed. all the other features work together to ensure tath you have a safe trip.

Arapahoe KIA Wants to Sell You Their Soul

If you're ready for a heartwarming experience at an affordable cost, you can contact Arapahoe KIA today and schedule a test-drive of the Soul. The test-drive is just the final step you take before you try to buy a car. It gives the opportunity to check out the gadgets, speed, ride comfort and so on. You can move on to the financial advisers if you like the model and want to take it home. They'll do their best to get you to that place so that you can leave happy.

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